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Queens Caviar

Pure premium pleasue

A one-of-a-kind premium vodka, pure in taste and truly a pleasure to drink.

That’s what you get when East meets West and two iconic delicacies — caviar and vodka — with their luxurious and complementary flavors are combined into one uniquely elegant and exquisitely savory drink.

Queen’s Caviar: a top-shelf vodka that lets you experience caviar in a whole new way.

Queens Caviar


the exquisite taste you’re looking for

Experience exquisite taste

Queens Caviar

From trial and error . . .

It took the team up to two years of experimentation to get the taste absolutely perfect.

They tried out many different varieties of caviar, and many types of pure alcohol, in a myriad of combinations.

Eventually, they found the right balance in a marriage of the celebrated Ossetra caviar, with its exquisite nutty, sea-salt flavor, and a certified organic grain-based alcohol. The result is a vodka with a subtle blend of flavors that make it satisfyingly smooth and easy to drink, either neat or in a cocktail.

Queens Caviar

. . . to unmitigated success

The highly innovative Queen’s Caviar production process explains a big part of its already impressive international reputation.

It is this process — refined and perfected over the course of many months — that infuses the vodka with the subtle but unmistakable sea-salty flavor of premium caviar. The rich, buttery softness of the caviar perfectly balances out the potency of the pure alcohol.

Queen’s Caviar vodka has also proven to be a recipe for success, as vodka lovers across the globe have (re)discovered the joys of savoring this age-old high-end spirit while also enjoying the pureness of caviar in a bottle.

Queens Caviar


experience the pureness of caviar in a bottle


Experience Caviar Differently

Queens Caviar


for the special moments in your life

Queens Caviar

for the special moments in your life

Queens Caviar

an unforgettable experience

By marrying premium caviar with the purest of alcohols, the team behind Queen’s Caviar has put vodka back on the map. And back on the menu, where it once again takes its rightful place among the digestifs. Indeed, this versatile spirit is just as enjoyable as an after-dinner tipple as it is in a cocktail or as an aperitif.

Queen’s Caviar truly is a vodka to be savored, sip by refined sip, never to be rushed. It is the ideal gift for the most discerning people in your life, perfect for celebrating the special moments you share together.

Or maybe it’s time you treated yourself to an unforgettable experience? Then Queen’s Caviar definitely is the vodka for you!


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